Tips to buy a water heater

Buying a water heater is not easy as it seems. Perplexed? Well, there are a zillion varieties of water heaters available in the market and each one of them seems to have the most exquisite features available in the market.

So, how should you choose one out of many? Perhaps, the best thing to do is to rely on a professional for choosing a water heater. He will surely help you out in buying something that you truly need and is within your budget. However, if you wish to buy one on your own then you must know about a few things before finalizing one.

Here are a few points that you must always keep in mind while purchasing a water heater:

1. You must figure out as to what your requirement is. Do you need to boil water in large quantities? What is the frequency for requiring boiled water? Once you have ascertained your needs, it will be much easier to select the heater.

2. Ascertain as to which kind of fuel you would want the water heater to run on. It could run on natural gas, electricity etc.

3. Ascertain the space that you would allocate for the water heater.

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Must have fire place accessories

Do you have a fireplace at your home? If you have, then you must consider buying a few fire place accessories. Well, if you think it is all about aesthetic appeal then let me tell you, it is much more than that. Fire place accessories have specific use and thus, are more or less required.

Here are a few must have fire accessories:
1. Chimney cap: It is the most essential fire place accessory. A chimney cap is required to ensure that a fire causing item does not fly up to the roof and cause a great fire. Leaving aside that, it also ensures that cold air does not seep into the room from the chimney.

2. A fire door: A fire door protects the family members. It ensures that coal, ash, smoke and embers do not spew out from the fire place.

3. A chimney brush: This is yet another important fire place accessory. It is essential to keep the chimney clean and in order to do so, you need a durable brush. Thus, you must have an adjustable brush for cleaning the chimney.

4. A chimney pipe: It is essential to not let toxic gases and dust to blow in the house; it lets it off into the outside air.

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knowing a heat pump

Natural gas is not available everywhere. Thus, it is necessary to rely on a heat pump for your heating needs at such places. However, a heating pump cannot suffice your entire heating needs. Rather, it might not be economical as well. Why? Well, most of the heat pumps

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run on electricity but when the temperature fall below 45F, then other sources such as gas, wood and oil must be considered. Leaving aside that, a gas heat pump is much more economical and ‘easy on your bills’ as compared to an air conditioner.

The best thing about a heat pump is its utility. A heat pump can not only be used to heat your home in winters but it is equally effective in cooling the place in dry arid summers. Isn’t that great! Thus, it is an ideal choice for making your home a cosy place to live in.

How do the heat pumps work? Well, a heat pump uses a fluid to transfer the heat from one source to the other. For instance, it will absorb the heat from one air source and transfer it to the other. Air conditioners also work on similar process but they cannot be used all round the year—heat pumps can.

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Improving the efficiency of an AC

It is necessary to maintain your air conditioning system. Many people do not pay attention to the air conditioning system as a result of which they face problems later on. They have then no other option but to call an AC repair professional and thus, they end up shelling out huge amounts of money. Leaving aside the efficiency factor, there is one more factor that is directly related to the maintenance of air conditioning system. It is health factor. If the AC is not cleaned/ maintained regularly, you are bound to face health problems as unclean AC circulate dust everywhere.

Here are a few tips for ensuring a higher efficiency of your air conditioner:
1. Close the windows and draw the curtains: Windows are bound to lower the temperature by 10-15 degrees and thus, it is advisable to close the windows and draw the curtains when you are turning on the air conditioner.
2. Do you know 25% of cooling is lost due to leakage and cracks in doors and windows? Yes, it’s true! So, if you wish to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner without raising electricity bill, you must fix the cracks in doors and windows immediately.

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How to find a reliable gas fitter?

Every one of us faces gas fitting issues in our homes. Whether we face it once in a year or once in a month but we do face it and when we do, we rely on an experienced professional i.e. a gas fitter to fixing the problem.
Gas appliances and heating systems are pretty complicated and thus it is rather appropriate to contact a gas fitter to fix the problem. However, not all gas fitters are good enough/trained enough to fix it correctly. Thus, it is necessary to find a reliable gas fitter before handing him over the home keys.

Here are a few tips that can help you with finding a reliable gas fitter:
1. Credibility: You must check the credentials of the service company. If you think they are not divulging you the details of their licence and information of previous customers, chances are that they are charlatans. Steer clear from such people.

2. It is imperative for you to know whether the gas fitting company has sufficient knowledge and experience in fixing related problems or not.

3. You must take references from your neighbours, family and friends about a reliable gas fitter.

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Hire a professional—now!
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What is an HVAC? An HVAC is a heating ventilation and air conditioner system. It is installed in homes to provide heating, ventilation and most importantly air conditioning for the family. It is necessary to do a bit of research before choosing an HVAC as there are many HVAC systems available in the market. However, it would be great if you can hire an HVAC installation service provider for choosing the one for you.
Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional for guiding you to buy an HVAC system:

1. It is important to note that every model of HVAC system has specific requirements. It would be a wild goose chase if you are looking for ‘one size fits all’ HVAC system. A professional can help you in understanding your needs and choose one that is most suited for your needs.

2. A professional can also help you in ascertaining whether your old HVAC system can be modified and turned into a new one or not. If it can be done, you will surely be saving a lot of money.
3. A professional can help you choose an HVAC system that fits in your budget.

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Heat pumps

Have you heard of a heat pump? I am sure, you would have. But, do you know how a heat pump works? Guess, not! A heat pump is a device that absorbs heat from one atmosphere and transfers it to another. Thus, it can help you make your home warm (in winters) and cooler (in summers). The best thing about heat pumps

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is that they are easy to install and maintain. Thus, they are becoming more and more popular in the country.

There are two kinds of heat pumps:
1. Air to air: This kind of heat pump transfers hot air with the help of indoor fans.
2. Air to water: This kind of heat pump is used to produce hot water.

So, what is it made up of? A heat pump has three main sections: a heat exchanger, a tube (radiator) and powerful compressor. The heat exchanger is responsible for absorbing the heat while the compressor aids in increasing the temperature. The heating tube (radiator) is more or less responsible to transfer the heat. So essentially, the heat is transferred to the liquid, the liquid gets vaporized and the compressor turns the vaporized liquid (gas) back into liquid.

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Great benefits of a fireplace

Do you have a fireplace at your home? If you do then you would surely know the benefits of having one at your place. A fireplace is one of the most important things to have in your home. A fireplace is utility device that keeps your home warm in the winter season. Having a fire place that runs on natural gas is the best thing to do. Why? There are many benefits associated with it. Here are a few benefits that you ought to know:

1. A fireplace runs on natural gas. It provides heat throughout the year—unlike the one that uses wood as a source.

2. You need not worry about collecting wood for the fireplace if you have a fireplace than runs on natural gas.
3. Since it does not run on wood and charcoal, it does not produce ash at all. Thus, you are free from cleaning the fireplace over and over again.

4. A typical fire place that runs on natural gas can help you cut down your electricity bill by 20-30%. Isn’t that wonderful?

5. The fireplace is easy to install and maintain.
6. Natural gas fireplaces are completely safe as they do not generate any kind of smoke in the house.

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Condenser boiler or non-condenser boiler?

Have you heard of condenser boilers? Do you really know how they work? Well, condenser boilers are one of the most efficient boilers in its category. As per factual details, a condenser boiler is more than 90% efficient than a non-condenser boiler. Perhaps, that is why the UK government has made it mandatory for all homes to have condenser boilers.

The best thing about condenser boilers is that they utilize wasted heat to preheat the fluid before it enters the system. Condenser boilers have acquired that name due to the ability to condense the water vapour created due to combustion. Condenser boilers can easily run on gasoline or oil. Ideally, mains gas is the best alternative to run a condenser boiler as it is damn cheap. However, mains gas is not easily available across all the states of the country.

A critical difference between a condenser boiler and a non-condenser boiler is its installation. A condenser boiler must have a heat exchanger to condense drainage systems while the other does not.

Lastly, it all depends upon your need and your choice. You may buy either of them. However, a condenser boiler is better in the long run.

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Buy a natural gas fire place now!
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There are many benefits of having a fireplace at home. It is all the more better if it is one that runs on natural gas. So, what makes a natural gas fire place so great? Why is it so popular? Well, you will be amazed to know that a natural gas fire place is far better than having a traditional one. It is not the efficiency that counts but effectiveness is equally important. On both these parameters, a natural gas fire place scores 9 out of 10!
Here are a few advantages of having a natural gas fire place at home:

1. Unlike a wood fire place, a natural gas fire place is available in various designs, patterns, sizes and styles. Thus, you can choose the one that goes well with the overall look of your home.
2. A natural gas fire place saves you from shelling out huge amounts on electricity bills as it lowers the consumption by 23%.

3. The best part is the state government does not levy any kind of restrictions on having a natural gas fire place and its usage.

4. It is completely safe for a family that has kids as it does not involve fire.

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