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Every one of us faces gas fitting issues in our homes. Whether we face it once in a year or once in a month but we do face it and when we do, we rely on an experienced professional i.e. a gas fitter to fixing the problem.
Gas appliances and heating systems are pretty complicated and thus it is rather appropriate to contact a gas fitter to fix the problem. However, not all gas fitters are good enough/trained enough to fix it correctly. Thus, it is necessary to find a reliable gas fitter before handing him over the home keys.

Here are a few tips that can help you with finding a reliable gas fitter:
1. Credibility: You must check the credentials of the service company. If you think they are not divulging you the details of their licence and information of previous customers, chances are that they are charlatans. Steer clear from such people.

2. It is imperative for you to know whether the gas fitting company has sufficient knowledge and experience in fixing related problems or not.

3. You must take references from your neighbours, family and friends about a reliable gas fitter.