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Natural gas is not available everywhere. Thus, it is necessary to rely on a heat pump for your heating needs at such places. However, a heating pump cannot suffice your entire heating needs. Rather, it might not be economical as well. Why? Well, most of the heat pumps run on electricity but when the temperature fall below 45F, then other sources such as gas, wood and oil must be considered. Leaving aside that, a gas heat pump is much more economical and ‘easy on your bills’ as compared to an air conditioner.

The best thing about a heat pump is its utility. A heat pump can not only be used to heat your home in winters but it is equally effective in cooling the place in dry arid summers. Isn’t that great! Thus, it is an ideal choice for making your home a cosy place to live in.

How do the heat pumps work? Well, a heat pump uses a fluid to transfer the heat from one source to the other. For instance, it will absorb the heat from one air source and transfer it to the other. Air conditioners also work on similar process but they cannot be used all round the year—heat pumps can.