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Buying a water heater is not easy as it seems. Perplexed? Well, there are a zillion varieties of water heaters available in the market and each one of them seems to have the most exquisite features available in the market.

So, how should you choose one out of many? Perhaps, the best thing to do is to rely on a professional for choosing a water heater. He will surely help you out in buying something that you truly need and is within your budget. However, if you wish to buy one on your own then you must know about a few things before finalizing one.

Here are a few points that you must always keep in mind while purchasing a water heater:

1. You must figure out as to what your requirement is. Do you need to boil water in large quantities? What is the frequency for requiring boiled water? Once you have ascertained your needs, it will be much easier to select the heater.

2. Ascertain as to which kind of fuel you would want the water heater to run on. It could run on natural gas, electricity etc.

3. Ascertain the space that you would allocate for the water heater.