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Boilers and Outdoor temperature compensation in a Canadian climate.
Canada GasFitter Group of Companies is committed to energy conservation. Finding a local HVAC and heating company is part of that solution.
The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Boilers and In floor Heating
Modern underfloor heating systems (also sometimes referred to as radiant heating systems) are growing in popularity in every Province in Canada. Traditionally boilers are set at a lower temperature all while creating a consistent warmth throughout the house or building. Having a new system with an out door Compensating Control will adjust to the climate outside so you don’t have to. The environmental impact make those Compensating Control systems a success.
Did you Know about Boiler Heating?
Underfloor heating was used thousands of years ago by the Romans, to run hot air under their floor to centrally heat their buildings. We have just made it part of HVAC systems to perfect the art of comfort

A network of small pipes was used to run hot air from a central furnace and heat up the building. The hot floors created a warm air convection which heated up the main living space.

Now we use central systems in the heart of each home or building with high efficiency boilers in the heart of each mechanical room.
Underfloor Heating Systems – ModernTimes
Modern underfloor heating systems that are installed by many professional Gas Fitters and plumbers use wet underfloor heating systems. installation by Gas Fitter’s use pipes that are buried in screen or run underneath the floor surface. Or they are set on a foam type insulation and strapped to the floor. This creates a barrier and keeps the heat transfer up.

Then it is covered in concrete. The water running in the pipes are a transferring medium of heat from a central boiler into the floor and onto the living space of the room.
Even Heat Distribution with Water Systems
Keeping the floor warm ensure even distribution of heat. With a looping water system across the entire surface area of each room. Warm feet and cooler air will allow you to keep the set temperature just a little bit lower. This is the advantage of a boiler system, lower heat that still brings major comfort due to the fact when your feet are warm the rest of the place can be just a little cooler to keep comfort levels to the best levels.
Boiler Heating Systems Efficiency
Over the last few decades most P lumbers and Gas Fitters installed traditional radiators which run at very high temperatures of 80c. In contrast, underfloor heating systems, which many modern plumbers install these days, run a much reduced energy requirement, therefore reducing CO2 emissions. An underfloor water heating system uses loops with water running through it at temperatures of 45-65c which in turn warms the floor to a temperature of 25-28c. This creates a warm and very comfortable surface to walk on and still heats the room to an evenly distributed temperature that is part of the Comfort Controlled System A Bolier makes for the perfect Indoor Environment. With the Compensation systems in place heating system have time to react and make slight adjustments when changes to the outside temperature have accrued. This lead’s to big reductions in energy usage of at least 20% and means room temperatures are less likely to overshoot their temperature set-points. Advanced systems will give commands to each Zone Valve and speed up the water in a loop to make a room have a more consistent temperature letting the boilers work load reduce to save energy and wear and tear.
Boiler Heating Systems and Cost Savings
In floor heating systems are very cost effective. When installed by a capable Gas Fitter, a good system can result saving of 15-40% on your heating bills compared to a traditional radiators system. A radiator system would run at much higher temperatures to maintain the same climate an in floor system will. As well we can run different “Loops” into the system to turn down or turn off rooms that are not in use. Systems like these can easily adapt to older style Radiant floor systems that use a boiler to heat the home as well.

Growing concern about the impact of C02 and the effects of climate change has effected the heating systems we use and how we use them. Every thing is going to high efficient equipment to help reducing the impact on the environment. Underfloor heating systems work very well with ground source heat pumps also known as Geo Thermal, which further improves their eco-credits and reduce running costs.
Radiator systems for water systems
When water is passed through a Radiator or “Rad” it has to at a much higher temperature to keep a room to set point, or comfort zone. These Rad’s would be placed under each window to create convection and make the heat transfer through the structor. Not as efficient as the In floor heating, but is much more economical and can be used in a basement to offset costs of building. This is used for many new construction homes that will be flipped and are looking at keeping costs down. Some builders will use electric baseboard heaters but that has a much higher operating cost over the life of the equipment compared to a High Efficiency Gas Boiler.