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It is necessary to maintain your air conditioning system. Many people do not pay attention to the air conditioning system as a result of which they face problems later on. They have then no other option but to call an AC repair professional and thus, they end up shelling out huge amounts of money. Leaving aside the efficiency factor, there is one more factor that is directly related to the maintenance of air conditioning system. It is health factor. If the AC is not cleaned/ maintained regularly, you are bound to face health problems as unclean AC circulate dust everywhere.

Here are a few tips for ensuring a higher efficiency of your air conditioner:
1. Close the windows and draw the curtains: Windows are bound to lower the temperature by 10-15 degrees and thus, it is advisable to close the windows and draw the curtains when you are turning on the air conditioner.
2. Do you know 25% of cooling is lost due to leakage and cracks in doors and windows? Yes, it’s true! So, if you wish to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner without raising electricity bill, you must fix the cracks in doors and windows immediately.