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Fireplaces today have a greater energy efficiency than in previous years. This is done in a few different advancements.
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First and foremost is the design of the fireplace cabinet itself. Today we use a closed door system. If your fireplace has an open glass style it is actually robbing warm air from your rooms and throwing it up the chimney flu.

Secondly is the heat retention the improved firebox’s provide. The newer designs will actual hold and retain more heat and provide more comfort.

Thirdly the modulating gas valve in some of the better units will provide a more even and comfortable temperature for whatever room you are keeping warm. The modulating gas valve will adjust itself to keep an even temperature and greater comfort. With a large range of fireplaces and fireplace company‘s to choose from where do you start.

What you need to know whe purchasing a fireplace is what kind of ventilation system are you needing for your application. There are three types of gas fireplaces on the market today.

The first one we will talk about is the direct vent fireplace. The direct vent system is a sealed unit system. It uses the same piping system to allow fresh air into the firebox.

This a double walled piping system. Providing the very best in quantity of air for the fireplace to burn at a high efficiency rating. Then it uses the same piping system to exhaust the gas to the outside. Direct vent fireplace’sdoes not require a chimney, and can vent horizontally out a sidewall or vertically to the roof.

This makes the direct vent the most popular. This means you will get the best selection and most choices.

The direct vent fireplacee also has a completely enclosed chamber that is highly efficient, drawing in air for combustion from the outside and expelling gasses to the outside as well. Prices vary depending on manufacturer, installation needs and model, but in general these fireplaces are far less expensive than installing a traditional fireplace, while providing many advantages.

The second type of fireplace we will talk about is the “b” vent system or “natural vent”. This will also exhaust the gas’s through a piping system but requires a chase for the metal chimney to exhaust to the outside.

It does have a closed glass door system ( but not a sealed system ) they still takes air from the inside of your home. Not as efficient a design as a direct vent system. The third system of fireplace design is used for a masonry chimney. It now has a two pipe system for it’s intake and exhaust systems. These will provide a greater efficiency rating than the type of gas fireplaces we used in the past.

In the past we used what is called a sand pan system. It has open glass doors, and a uses the existing flue from the chimney provided from the wood burning unit before the gas one was installed. A poor efficiency rating, and probably a negative to your heating and comfort level, because it uses the warm air from your home to help in the burning process. Today’s sealed Fireplace systems provide Heat with a more decorative look as well.