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Do you have a fireplace at your home? If you have, then you must consider buying a few fire place accessories. Well, if you think it is all about aesthetic appeal then let me tell you, it is much more than that. Fire place accessories have specific use and thus, are more or less required.

Here are a few must have fire accessories:
1. Chimney cap: It is the most essential fire place accessory. A chimney cap is required to ensure that a fire causing item does not fly up to the roof and cause a great fire. Leaving aside that, it also ensures that cold air does not seep into the room from the chimney.

2. A fire door: A fire door protects the family members. It ensures that coal, ash, smoke and embers do not spew out from the fire place.

3. A chimney brush: This is yet another important fire place accessory. It is essential to keep the chimney clean and in order to do so, you need a durable brush. Thus, you must have an adjustable brush for cleaning the chimney.

4. A chimney pipe: It is essential to not let toxic gases and dust to blow in the house; it lets it off into the outside air.